English millennials are fleeing in droves, leaving their homeland in search of exotic cultures and interesting people to mate with. Seeking places where they can outdrink the competition and hide questionable personality traits behind a charming accent. Places where they have a clear advantage. Exotic places like Canada.

And although our dearest Hannah didn't quite succeed, she did come out on top. She met Patrick; a handsome devil with a sloth-like demeanour (her words). A man on the same quest, with same diminished tolerance, and the same accent (at least to our untrained ears). She met her homegrown prince.

Now that's true love! And it's time to celebrate it.

We are aiming to throw a very Canadian surprise wedding(ish) party on July 12th and you've been invited. Most importantly, Patrick is in on it, but not Hannah.

So…if you let the secret out, you are paying for the whole thing. 

The couple has kindly asked for no gifts, but more importantly, to celebrate with you. Once we confirm the number of revelers, we will book the venue and set the flat fee for tasty treats and bevies. 



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Hannah DOESN'T know!