818 Events is beyond amazing. Nadine was fantastic from start to finish. I had a nightmare wedding planner that we had to get rid of due to circumstances beyond our control and then I was referred Nadine by a family member and it was the best thing that ever happened. Things happen for a reason and she put our minds at ease and our day turned out exactly how we expected it. Nadine even helped with our design of our seating charts and ensured they were printed and brought to the hall. We were happy things didn’t work out with the other planner as the experience was so different with Nadine. Very easy to get along with, organized, on time and fulfilled her contract - and also went above and beyond. Her crew on the day of were awesome as well!!! I would recommend Nadine of 818 Events to anyone and would use her again for other events. I could go on forever but, if you use Nadine you will not regret it!
— Melissa&Peter, Married

We were so pleased to work with Nadine. From the very beginning, she treated us like her number one priority. She listened to our vision while helping us turn all that we wanted into a reality, and within budget. She is the kind of planner you would want as your friend. She treats everyone ( bridal party, guests, family, and staff ) with the utmost respect even when my dad seemed lost and confused, trying to figure out how he was going to get his tie on at the very last minute before the ceremony, Nadine will jump in and save the day. Her knowledge and expertise made my day come true and I know she will make yours too!
— Danielle&Luke, Married
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Before I was even engaged, I knew who I wanted on my team to help make the perfect day. Nadine has been so key to the whole planning process always knowing the right people for the look I was going for. Not only did she have the best people to recommend, all the vendors I spoke with sung Nadine’s praises from past weddings they’ve worked together on for her amazing personality and buttoned down organization. I would be drowning in an overwhelming sea of quotes and sales pitches if it weren’t for her. Absolutely love working with her and will definitely call on her for any other events I have down the line!
— Laura Wittrup, Engaged

Nadine, I’m trying to find the best way to thank you! Like do I take out a personal ad on Facebook? Do I rent a billboard? What can I say that will make people understand and comprehend that you are the reason this wedding was as successful as my family and guests are saying it was? From the rehearsal when I heard your loud screams instructing us on what to do...it was obvious that you were the best decision. The day of my wedding could not have been more organized....THIS IS A NIGERIAN WEDDING WE ARE TALKING ABOUT! Being type A (AA) personality I tried to have a handle on everything, and you would actually tell me to stop and let you do your job and look what came out. Thank you for all the work you and your assistant put in. You weren’t lying when you said you got us - you did.
My family loves you. You are apparently my mom’s new go-to planner for all wedding/party related things.
— Amena&Adetoro, Married

My wedding was not my first and, because we are no “spring chickens”, we didn’t want a fuss, or a lot of people either. Nevertheless, Nadine created a special day out of “nothing” really. A photographer arrived to take pictures during the ceremony at the Marriage License Bureau, and then a stretch limo arrived to take us all to a breathtaking private residence on the waterfront in Miami. We had a glorious wedding dinner with our favorite music playing, outdoors on a patio overlooking the water. Under the darkening twilight sky, it was all absolutely perfect. The personal chef had arrived earlier with her team to create our special dinner, and it was served to perfection. The location, venue, decor and the table settings, along with the wonderful ambience, and the presence of close family and friends, created a “special moment in time” for us. Nadine truly DID pull everything she needed from her Mary Poppins bag, to give us a day that we will remember for ever.
— Penny&Clifford, Married

I have been asked numerous times since the wedding if I’m relieved that it is over — no more stress. My answer is actually that I wasn’t really all that stressed. People were actually surprised at how calm I was throughout the planning process. The reason being - I had a wedding planner. One that ensured that every detail was looked after. Nadine gave me tasks to complete in small chunks and dealt with any issues that arose. The second question I get asked is ‘was it worth to have a planner/’. I say a hundred percent yes! There was an instant connection when my husband and I met Nadine, and we knew that she would be able to complete our vision. She is extremely detailed-oriented and listens to your requests. She will also help to ensure that you stay on track and on budget. She also designed custom invites for us, which were awesome. On the day of the wedding there were many bumps on the road that I had no idea about because Nadine handled them behind the scenes —One being a groomsman who was given the wrong suit. It was an absolute pleasure working with Nadine and I am glad a friendship was able to come out of this. On a side note, she is excellent with children — my son adores her.
— Denitra&Shemel, Married

We hired 818 as our wedding planner. Her and her assistants were not only extremely helpful during this stressful time, but were also very affordable. Nadine and her crew ensured that every single detail was taken care of so we could enjoy our special day. They made sure that the itinerary for the day was flawlessly followed. Nadine’s can-do attitude put my wife and I at ease on our very stressful day. If you are looking for a great wedding planner with an amazingly fun and bubbly personality, Nadine is your girl. I cannot thank Nadine and the 818 crew for making our day extraordinary.
— Andrew (and Karolina) Fahel, Married
The hardest decision to make for my upcoming wedding was ‘who would I trust to handle every detail on the most important day of my life?’. I interviewed others, but when I first met Nadine I immediately had an instinct that she was the right one to handle my big day. It turns out that I was absolutely right! Nadine was on top of every detail and last minute hiccup along the way. When my hairstyle collapsed and my curls fell, Nadine had her curling iron with her and was curling my hair from my bridal suite at my reception hall so I could look picture perfect for my grand entrance. When I spilled bright red tomato sauce on front of my white dress, Nadine was there with a Tide stick to make sure it didn’t stain. My wedding had various performers and co-ordinating the schedule of appearances and the various moving parts that it entailed was in her hands. It all went perfectly and I’m so grateful. Various friends and family members commented that “my wedding planner” was fantastic and had everything under control. When things went wrong and there were unexpected situations that came up I’m so grateful that Nadine was there to keep everything under control so that I was free to enjoy my day. She was calm and collected the whole time and she anticipated and prepared for every situation - a true professional. Thank you Nadine, you are not just a wedding co-ordinator, you are my fairy godmother!
— Karolina (and Andrew) Fahel, Married

We got married April 2017, and honestly I don’t know what we would have done without Nadine. She made sure our wedding day was stress free, organized and everything was on time ! ( When does that ever happen lol) She was so easy to work with and put up with me wanting to be in control of everything ! Nadine is someone I would highly recommend over and over again.
— Jillian&Richard Lorde, Married
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I would highly recommend Nadine as your wedding planner. She takes charge and makes sure that you enjoy your day and do not have to worry about a thing. My day went smoothly and she was a joy to work with on our special day.
— Kellie&Matt, Married

My husband and I hired Nadine from 818 Events as our wedding planner. I can’t explain enough how happy I was with her and the company. She took so much stress off of me, which helped me so much through the process. We weren’t sure if we were going to hire anyone, but we are so thankful we decided to because she and her staff are part of the reason our day was perfect. The decor was gorgeous, the day ran so smoothly and I didn’t have to worry about anything. Nadine is amazing and I’m happy to say I also gained a friend. I would recommend her to anyone!
— Casey Arsenault&Jeff Arsenault, Married
If you are ever looking for advice on who to have help you with your wedding day I can say without reservation that Nadine and her team was the best decision I made in organizing our daughter’s special day. She is organized, knowledgeable and an absolute joy to have participate in your event. You have invested all of this time, money and effort into a wonderful experience, why would you not want to be able to enjoy it and have someone who knows what she is doing take over and totally alleviate all of that worry and stress? She had it all run smoothly so that the bride and all of our guests enjoyed the day without any incidents. I am very grateful for what a wonderful job she did for the wedding.
— Sharon Sheridan, Mother-Of-The-Bride (Casey Arsenault)

Nadine was incredibly helpful throughout the whole process. We were very nervous about setup and takedown, and she made it seamless! Many small details we hadn’t thought of were caught by her trained eye. We had the best day!!
— Megan&Chris, Married

Nadine was the planner for my two wedding ceremonies (Hindu and Christian) and reception this September 2015. She is very competent, detailed and conscientious; even our other vendors commented that she was very professional to work with. Beyond her strong performance keeping everyone on schedule, coordinating the vendors and managing the details she was extremely supportive and hands on. She responded to every message I sent her leading up to the wedding when I was feeling stressed and arranged to meet with me to reassure me everything was on track. She jumped right in helping me dress in my Indian outfit and put on my jewelry, fixing my hair and veil before heading to the church, tidying up my house for my pictures, serving me food herself to ensure I ate, training my flower girl how to walk, having everything possible in her emergency bag, and the list goes on and on. She takes the time to truly get to know her couples and ensures that your wedding day is everything you dreamed. I was very calm at my wedding knowing Nadine could handle any situation and I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat.
— Anastasia&Neil, Married

My wedding was a bit of a challenge to plan, as my fiance and I live in Vancouver, but our wedding was in Toronto. Trying to plan a wedding in your own city is very challenging, but trying to plan it in another province brings on a whole lot of other challenges!! When I got engaged I knew I would need a wedding planner to help me through these challenges. On my search for a wedding planner, I came across Nadine’s website. Her page looked fun, professional and modern. She seemed extremely dedicated to her company. When I emailed her to discuss my complicated situation, she sounded just thrilled to take on the challenge from across the country. I am so thankful I hired Nadine to help me plan my wedding. She was my rock through this entire process. From late night phone calls and emails, to handling vendors for me, to making sure my Italian fiance’s family didn’t call all the shots in this process. Nadine was just fabulous I cannot say enough good things about this girl. She is very hard working. She always keeps her client’s needs in mind when handling any situation. There is no challenge too big for her. Even after the wedding she still made time for me when I contacted her with my needy questions. My whole day was a dream and stress free with her help!!
— Cheryl&Frank, Married

It’s amazing to look back and realize that it’s been six years since my wife and I have exchanged our vows. We give a tremendous amount of credit to Nadine for not only participating as our maid of honour, but for also doubling as a coordinator for our wedding. Her can-do attitude and meticulous attention to detail has contributed significantly to numerous aspects of our wedding including the arrangement and design of our seating plan and the packaging of our wedding favours. On the day of our wedding Nadine supported my wife by ensuring that her focus was on looking flawless for her big day and handled any matters that would interfere with that. She really helped the day run smoothly and stress free for myself, especially my wife. From making sure that the centerpieces were set perfectly, to keeping us on point with our itinerary, to directing our wedding party, to dealing with aspects of our wedding services, even lending a hand with the clean up, Nadine was a valuable asset that we were ever so grateful and honoured in having as a participant in our wedding. It is with no hesitation that we would recommend Nadine to any other couple looking for a capable coordinator to do for them what she has done for us, and more.
— Jantzen&Kim, Married

Nadine was an amazing resource for us when we planned our wedding. She was so good, in fact, that we enlisted her for another day’s event - even though we had already hired and paid another planner. SHE IS THAT GOOD! Nadine is smart, fun to work with, and responsive. She also provided calm to us when we would have otherwise gone crazy. You won’t regret working with Nadine.
— Cory&Riti, Married

Nadine assisted our wedding planner for day-of wedding coordination services a couple of months ago. Although she wasn’t involved in the pre-planning, we couldn’t have been happier that she was involved on our big day. She brings an aura of calmness, confidence and professionalism to her work. My husband really appreciated all the help she provided to the guys when they were getting ready, especially troubleshooting an interesting clothing malfunction. Her keen eye and attention to detail really helped us get the most out of the photo shoot with our bridal party. She thought of things we never would have considered, and helped keep the session running smoothly. Nadine helped our planner set-up parts of our venue, and we learned that she even ran out to purchase emergency votive candles to place on the tables when they realized our candelabras were burning our floral arrangements! We really couldn’t have asked for anyone better to help coordinate our wedding day, and would wholeheartedly recommend Nadine for your wedding needs.
— Ancilla&Steve, Married
We’ve allowed her to take creative control and she hasn’t disappointed. She’s selected our entertainment, booked venues, created centerpieces, designed invites, and even gone so far as to create a detailed timeline for the day for us to follow. Before hiring her we had no idea the value of hiring an experienced coordinator. We’ve been able to attend our events as guests and enjoy them without worrying about the details.
— Michael Sifontes of Eco Energy Home Services Inc. | Corporate Holiday Party
Nadine was amazing, from always having my phone, and rounding up the bridal party, to fixing Kaitlin’s (the bride) dress and keeping me updated with everything the whole day!
— Amanda Rego of Your Regal Affair
Nadine took charge from the moment she arrived and continued until it was time to leave. I have no problem confidently recommending Nadine for your wedding.
— Micaela McFarquhar of Intimate Affairs Event Management Co.