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In your dreams, every detail matters. When it comes to your wedding, Nadine LamannaWPIC Certified Wedding Planner and Lead Coordinator of 818 Events, has an array of experience across Toronto and surrounding areas coordinating and executing not only weddings, but also proposals, engagement parties, and showers. Besides her social work background that proves beneficial in calming any overwhelmed bride, Nadine has received formal training and education from the most comprehensive, respected and modern Wedding Planner course available (Wedding Planners Institute of Canada). Her emergency bag-of-tricks and team of assistants have been known to put out a few fires. Nadine has been able to provide her clients the experience of celebrating their special day with ease and enjoyment. 

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Additionally, Nadine has been exposed to and educated by the entertainment industry in ways that set her apart from other event planners. Having shadowed some of Toronto's leading event planners and socialites, as well as personally curating and executing a collection of special events, which include fundraisers, conferences and meetings, large scale dance competitions and arts showcases, as well as boutique pop-up shops, fashion shows and private parties, Nadine is adept at handling the planning of even the most challenging of events. The combination of her quickly-acquired and assorted skill sets, ability to network, resourcefulness and her innate organizational skills make Nadine Lamanna the right planner for your next event, whatever it may be.

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I’d be lying if I said I don’t eat, sleep and breathe wedding and event planning. For me, this is my raison d’être. How would I utilize my obsession with organizing if it wasn’t for this industry? Every client I encounter gives me a new opportunity to reveal myself in my element and truly invest myself in the experience. I consider myself the Mary Poppins of event coordination. In my eyes, every single detail counts and my aim is to never overlook even the slightest one. This attention to detail and my ability to make a client feel confident about the planning process articulates the difference between myself and other planners. I have no panic button - I’m calm, cool and collected when it’s show time.
— Nadine Lamanna

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As a wedding photographer, I have experienced a wide range of wedding days, and have worked side by side with numerous wedding professionals. At one such recent wedding, I was fortunate enough to work alongside Nadine - and I am incredibly impressed! She is a very talented wedding and event planner with a serious knack for planning and organization. Throughout the day she kept all the other vendors on track (and with regards to myself as the photographer, checked in with me regularly to make sure the important photos were taken care of). At no point did she seem stressed, and despite how busy the day was - with multiple locations - it ran very smoothly with no hiccups! She was kind, personable, funny, and enjoyable to be around. It would be an absolute pleasure to work with her once again!
— Ema Suvajac, Ema Wedding Collective

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I’m a DJ and I have worked with Nadine several times now and it’s always a pleasure and a relief knowing that someone like her is at the helm. She pays great attention to detail, knows everything that you need to know about weddings, isn’t uptight and is a fun-loving person who loves her job. What more would you want in a planner? I highly recommend her if you would like someone to plan your wedding either in full or day-of. She also has a great network of vendors at her disposal and I am lucky to be a part of that network.
— Andy Tran aka. Dj Acie