A party isn't a party 'til it looks the part, and that's not a task that's often easy or affordable. Sometimes you want the effect of drama, without all the drama. Here's our 8 suggestions for décor that allow for more painless options but still allow for some of the glitz and glamour you'd like your event to have.

  1. Balloons - With the variety of colours, shapes, sizes and overall options available, balloons are an affordable, yet customizable choice for décor. Options are pretty much endless when it comes to balloons. Use helium-filled balloons to add a balloon cloud to any room. Add metallic streamers to floating balloons for more pizazz. Alternatively, using balloons on the floor of any event space fills the room, adds drama, and creates a fun light atmosphere. You can purchase multiple colours at any dollarstore or party supply store, and style them to your preference. Be sure you have lots of help blowing up and tying balloons when the time for setup comes!
  2. Florals - While flowers aren't always the most affordable decorative option, they are always a go-to for improving a space. In order to stay budget-friendly and have more floral options, source out flower outlets versus boutique flower shops. Use florals in your event space to provide a great aroma, as well as elegant fresh atmosphere. Use dramatic vases, colours, and bold florals to create a romantic or intense visual, or keep it simple using individual florals placed in small vases or bottles and spread them out to keep the space fresh and fun. Use affordable bunches of flowers that create a larger feel as fillers, but aren't too pricey like Baby's Breath. Again, the options are endless.
  3. Candles - Candles add aura and aroma to any event space. They are romantic, they are classic and they are sensual. Use them in clusters of various heights for drama, place them in votives for elegance, or use individually-placed candles throughout a space to subtly add light. They come in various sizes, shapes, and scents also, so the various options allow for décor creativity. If you're trying to be budget friendly, shop in bulk or at a dollarstore. 
  4. Tulle - While tulle is often associated with bridal décor. It's a pretty and affordable material that adds filling and depth to a space. Use it for chair or table design, wrap it and bow it around vases, or even use it to decorate the ceiling of an event space. It's a versatile material that can even be dyed for unlimited colour options. Don't put it past tulle to do the trick of adding some great decorative dynamics to any atmosphere.
  5. Lighting - Bright lights always get attention. Utilize a strand of christmas lights to emphasize a table spread, create a lit backdrop or an overhang, or even use them in a vase for accented centerpieces. You can even use them to light up large letters for a great focal point. Lights always add flair to a dim room. String lights can be pretty affordable. If you're a regular event planner, buy some after Christmas when stock goes on sale and keep them stored for party planning days! More intense lighting like spot lights and disco lights are also visually awesome parties, but they can be rented pretty affordably from tech companies. Be sure to decipher when and where to use which type of lighting to avoid over-lighting a space. You want to add some drama, not blind people.
  6. Fabric - Patterns, prints, colours, textures. Fabrics give life. Use fabrics to create tablescapes or backdrops, or chair coverings and such. You can be subtle with fabric like burlap, or bold with satin. Dig for great materials at low costs by visiting fabric stores and digging in the sales bins, or buying bulk.
  7. Candy - Who doesn't love it? Candy comes in different shapes, flavours, colours, sizes, and all sorts. Use vases, jars, bowls and such to display candy in ways that provide a decor element, while also appealing to the sweet tooth of your event's guests. Depending on where you purchase, candy can be very affordable. Be sure to buy bulk and buy a variety that complements the look and theme of your event.
  8. Streamers - They aren't what they used to be anymore. Streamers come in many colours, textures, and patterns nowadays. Use streamers to decorate walls or ceilings, create a backdrop for photo opportunities, or accenting a specific area in your event space. Combine streamers with balloons for a great decorative look. Use different lengths, twists, colour combos, tassles, patterns and knots to create not-your-basic-streamers look. Streamers are very affordable and go a long way in terms of use in a space.

We hope that you can easily implement some of our great décor ideas when decorating for your next event. The idea is to create a look that's visually appealing, while not blowing your budget or stressing over ideas. Stick to what you like, keep it fun, and you can't really go wrong. Our one suggestion? Try not to overdo it -- don't do candles and helium balloons; or printed fabrics and tulle. Keep it simple and it will all come together! 

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