Red carpet or runway; dinner party or bachelorette party - there are some classic femme style guidelines to help you pull off 'the look' for just about every occasion. 

 818 Events was lucky to have expert LA celebrity stylist and fashion guru, Erica Victoria, spill her style secrets for dressing the part for any event. Please take notes!

1. Black Cocktail Dress. The infamous LBD (little black dress) is a classic because not only is it versatile, black is slimming! Make sure the length from the bottom and the style of the dress is appropriate for the event you're attending.

2. Red Lipstick. This adds a little bit of courage and fun to any look. Find the shade that works best for you! It also brightens up those pearly whites. 

3. Clutch. "I like to have fun with my bags so maybe choose a cool print and/or color to give your simple black dress some fashion fun", says Erica.

4. Accessories. Accessories are a big deal.  With the right ones you can transform any look. When in doubt...accessorize!

5. Heels. K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple sweetie) - A sexy pair of plain nude or black heels can complete any look. 

6. Nails. Your nails are like a canvas. Choose colours, shapes and lengths that reflect your style. If you like simplicity, keep them clean and neat. Use your nails to let your personality shine through. No chipped nails!

7. Bobby pins. Your hair can go from drab to fab with a few pins here and there. The style options are unlimited. You can even use pins to switch your look up from day to night to late night! 

8. Confidence. Most important! The key to rocking any outfit is feeling good about what you're wearing. Skip trying to follow fashion trends, and just be you. 


1 Word of Advice. 

When attending any kind of event you want to be sure to represent yourself to the fullest. Let it be known that you're IT!

Always make sure you look clean and appropriate, but be sure to be feelin' yourself!


Erica Victoria, known to the social/fashion world as TheRealScorpioLuvv, is a Los Angeles celebrity wardrobe stylist, personal shopper, model, fashion blogger, and mommy.

Website: www.scorpioluvv.com     |     Twitter: @scorpioluvv     | Instagram: @scorpioluvv