Why I don't love New Year's Eve...

Call me a negative Nancy but I’m just not a huge fan of NYE. The Eve itself.

It’s never been the ‘thing’ for me. Some people start their year thinking about all the things they’ll do for the next NYE. In November, when inquiries start rolling in about my plans for this special evening, I reject them. I’m definitely not wishing away the next two months for the one night that always just ends up feeling WAY TOO OVERRATED.

I get it, it’s a ‘new year, new me’ opportunity. It’s saying ‘bye’ to the last year and ‘hello’ to the new one, filled with big plans, and goals. Let’s not forget the goals. You’re going to lose 20 pounds, become vegan, cut off toxic relationships, and save your money. This year will be YOUR year. It’s great to be ambitious. I applaud the efforts. By why does this ONE evening feel like the day to make these decisions and reinvent yourself? Goal chasing should happen 24/7/365. Personally, my birthday feels like a new year. It’s an annual rebirth. A reminder of where I’ve been and how far I’ve come. The night of December 31st never has that association for me. It just feels filled with pressure to go out, spend money, drink, find someone to cheers me at midnight, and make all these huge promises to myself that most end up ditching by the 18th of the month.

Here’s where New Year’s Eve slaps me in the face:

  • Parties are WAY too expensive and never quite live up to your expectations. It’s the same party as last week only more packed, longer lines, and a busier bar.

  • Traffic. Whether you’re driving or in a a cab or an Uber, traffic on NYE sucks! Half the time it feels like you’re going to countdown in the back of a stinky black Suburban on the way to your destination because you’re moving so slow.

  • Drunkedness - yes, I made up that word, but it’s descriptive enough. A room full of people who are overly intoxicated with no sense of personal space for the sake of bringing in the new year. Looking drunk, acting drunk and well, smelling drunk. No, thanks.

  • Money. Spending on outfits, booze, parties, parking, hotels, etc etc. It’s not a cheap night unless you do something super low-key.

  • At the stroke of midnight, if you’re not feeling fulfilled in life, NYE can feel like a shitty reminder of things versus uplifting.

  • Lastly, most people are so wasted that night that they wake up the next day already faltering on their new year goals. It’s a bad start to the year ahead.

Here’s where I give NYE the high-five:

  • It’s a great time to be in the company of people you love. Everyone’s spirits are usually high, and everyone’s partying with the same goal in mind… to ring in the new year at midnight.

  • It’s a good time to reflect (albeit there should be other times we do so) - but if you’re not often reflective of life and your goals on a regular basis, then why not take advantage of this time to do so? Better yet, it often is a time for sharing these goals with your peers and they can hold you accountable.

  • The countdown is exciting. Regardless - it’s always a fun time to count those last 10 seconds in. The ball drops. Fireworks go off. It has a sense of ‘We did it. Let’s keep going.’

So whether you’re a fan or NYE and go-all out celebrating, or you’re like me and prefer a low-key entry into the near year, embrace the change, be safe, and ensure you’re surrounded by the people you’d like in your life for the year ahead. Get yourself into a go-mode. Do your very best to focus on what matters in the year coming and keep your eye on the prize.