Curious how we got our name?

Here's a few of the many reasons how. In fact, here's 8!

  1. 818 is an ambigram (and/or palindrome) meaning it can be read the same forwards or backwards and right-side-up or upside-down. This allows for great graphic design use!

  2. 818 is a symmetrical number, which again, allows for great design options! It's visually appealing.

  3. The numbers 8 and 1 each have their own significant meanings. The number 8 is often associated with power and finances, however, even more, the number, based on its shape, demonstrates balance. It's closest relative is the 1, which also represents power, independence, and strong leadership skills. It's the number that represents creation. Together, these numbers represent strength and success.

  4. The 8 symbolically resembles an infinity, which is an abstract concept describing something without limits. When it comes to our events, there are no limits to your imagination! And when it comes to weddings, we hope our clients have marriages that last for infinity!

  5. It's the time of day we always happen to catch on the clock. 8:18 am or pm.

  6. The centered 1 demonstrates the 1 common interest in the middle of it all -- that is, transforming your event into a unique experience.

  7. It's Nadine's birthday. August 18. It's also the day of birth of Edward Norton, Patrick Swayze, and several awesome others.

  8. It's just an awesome number!