Looking back since my last blog post... it's been a crazy time!

Just so you can get better acquainted with what I've been up to, I decided to share. There are definitely more than 8 reasons why I've been MIA in the blog department, but here's 8 good enough reasons (in my opinion). 

Fear no more... I'm back!

  1. Weddings! It's been a crazy year. Since February 2017, 818 Events has been in wedding season. We did 2 in February (one being my moms! - wooooeeee!) and we haven't stopped. There's really no such thing as wedding season anymore. It's year-round.
  2. Working 9-5 then 5-9! 24/7 365. A lot of people in the wedding biz work a 9-5 on top of their freelance wedding vendor biz so it becomes a crazy whirlwind of maintaining every task that falls under this umbrella. It's a busy life - but somebody has to do it! Still, 818 gets it done. (That's that Mary Poppins swag working overtime).
  3. Work/Life balance. Finding time for mental health and socializing with people that bring you joy and well being is hard to do when you're working your butt off. But every now and then, you have to stop and refresh. I tried to do more of that this year!
  4. Vacations! I went to Miami in February. Then Mexico in May. New York in June. Kentucky and Tennessee in August. Baltimore in October. I've been adventuring. It's a must. Explore the world. It's huge! Sometimes you need to stop the clock and just live.
  5. Being a fan. I've been living it UP this year. I don't know about y'all but I LOVE music. I've been going to every concert of artists I love as often as possible. This year I've seen Bryson Tiller, H.E.R., Tamia, Future, Tory Lanez, Migos, Drake (and company) at OVO fest (which by the way, included NELLY and Cardi B), I've seen 2 Chainz, as well as Mr Eazi. I feel like I'm missing some but it's been a musically-incredible year. I've still got more concerts to go! Ella Mai, Syd and H.E.R. (again). I also supported some of my fave local artists. I'm looking forward to more shows in the new year!
  6. Boxing. I've been working out - which is a NEW thing for me. I started boxing this year and I've enjoyed training. Feels good to hit something. Even this fell off a bit during crazy-busy-time, but I'm back at it and I love it.
  7. Friends. I mentioned above but I make it a point to find time for friends. They are my sanity. They are my laughter. They provide comfort and tons of joy. You may not always have time, but it's important to make some as often as you can to see people you love. To reach out and be in touch. It's vital to your humanity.
  8. Attending events. Let's be honest. Sometimes us planners want to be guests too. That's why we take advantage when we're invited to events. The 818 crew has been attending open houses this year (we LOVE those... *wink wink* - let the invites roll in) and social events. Last night we attended an incredible client appreciation event at the Ritz-Carlton Toronto. Who doesn't like to dress up, go out and network? 

I wish I could say that falling in love and raising children took over my life this year (like most people my age) - but I've been more selfish than anything. I've focused on ME and my biz and getting sh*t done. It seems to be paying off! Maybe next year will be love and babies - but for now, it's other couples' romance, my puppy and lots and lots of planning! 

Thanks for understanding why I've been away. I appreciate you!



Last year was a fantastic year!

818 Events explored possibilities and ended up collecting a ton of great experiences and memories.

Here are some of the year's great moments we're sharing with you!

  1. Being unexpectedly featured on Narcity as one of '18 Event Planners That Will Throw You An Unforgettable Party'. 818 Events was in GREAT company alongside other amazing event planners like Melissa Andre and Candice & Alison. Check it out here: NARCITY
  2. 818 Events was featured in Wedding Planner Magazine with the 'Emerald City' style shoot. Copies were in Chapters/Indigo stores across Canada! View it online here: EMERALD CITY STYLE SHOOT
  3. We worked with some amazing clients last year. We did over 12 weddings and got to experience such a variety of wedding themes, concepts and styles. From barn wedding to casual art gallery wedding to glam banquet hall weddings, we did it all! It was an amazing year of experiences and connecting with awesome clients. CHECK OUT OUR GALLERY
  4. 818 Events hung out with some other awesome WPIC alumni in the blog about 'How wedding planning chose me'. Read here: WPIC BLOG
  5. 818 Events added customs RSVP webpages, custom stationary, custom photo guestbooks, and other custom features to their list of services! See what we have to offer here: CUSTOM ITEMS
  6. We shot a year-end promo video with Corex Creative that we're in love with! Watch here: PROMO VIDEO
  7. We travelled to Miami this year and met some awesome people. We also got to connect with some other awesome event producers. Hush STL put together an awesome NYE event turning a Range Rover dealership into a club, that we got to attend and be a part of making history. View the sneak peek here: HUSH NYE!
  8. Lastly, but certainly not least! - 818 Events', Nadine Lamanna, met and got event-planning business advice from the one and only Rihanna aka 'RiRi' backstage at OVO Fest. It was an incredibly unexpectedly momentous experience that 818 will surely benefit from! 

That's last year! And 2017 is looking bright too! Stay informed and follow the year ahead for 818 Events!


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