Wondering which bottles to buy to build a bar for your bash? --Say that eight times fast

Below is a list of our 8 best bottles selections when hosting an event. You want to have bottles that work as great mixers, or classic drinks on the rocks.

  1. Vodka - Our choice is Absolut --not too pricey and a premium brand that most enjoy
  2. Rum - Our choice is Bacardi --you can't go wrong mixing with the classic white rum
  3. Gin - Our choice is Bombay Sapphire --this spirit is nothing short of refreshing on its own or as a mixer
  4. Whiskey - Our choice is Jack Daniels --true whiskey drinkers want a kick and JD gives it to you
  5. Tequila - Our choice is Jose Cuervo --the Gold bottle has just the right amount of richness for those that love their tequila! Bring on the salt and lemon slice.
  6. Cognac - Our choice is Hennessy --those that love their cognac want the powerful flavour that Hennessy offers its drinkers
  7. Champagne - Our choice is Moët & Chandon --with it's many variations, this bubbly is sure to leave you wanting another sip
  8. Scotch - Our choice is Johnnie Walker Black Label --with many options of the brand rising in price, Black Label is a sure bet for success with scotch drinkers

Don't forget a great Red and White Wine option for your guests!

Be sure to stock your bar with lots of juice and soda options, garnishes, ice, cocktail napkins, glasswares, and any other bar-tending supplies! You're sure to have a great time with a well-stocked bar.