We all know it's hard to cut down the number of guests for any event, but with an event comes a budget, and with a budget comes some cutting. Here's 8 steps to help you pull out the scissors and get to cutting...

Tip: Best applies to weddings, but helps with intimate occasions also

  1. Are they Family? If no - are they Friends?; If yes - are they Immediate Family? - INVITE!
  2. Are they Friends? If no - are they CoWorkers?; If yes - how often do you speak to these Friends? If you speak to these Friends all the time - INVITE!; If you speak to these Friends rarely - don't invite.
  3. Are they Extended Family? If yes - be selective (don't invite Extended Family you haven't seen/spoken to since you were 5)
  4. Are they CoWorkers? If no - are they an Ex?; If yes - select CoWorkers based on your relationship, budget, size & location of the event
  5. Are they an Ex? If yes - don't invite! (Unless your event isn't wedding-oriented and no one minds your ex's attendance)
  6. Are they a Guests' Significant Other? - Provide a plus one to SO's you've met multiple times and have established a relationship with; Otherwise - don't invite
  7. Are they an Affiliate/Acquaintance (Hair Dresser, Yoga Instructor, Facebook Friend)? - If yes, select people based on your relationship, budget, size & location of event; However, you might want to leave acquaintances out of any intimate occasions, such as a wedding
  8. Are they a Child? If no - start above at no.1; If yes - be selective based on the event/venue (is it family friendly?), time of day, number of mouths to feed, whether you want the distractions, etc.; If you don't want Children in attendance - don't invite (mention that it's an adults-only event)

We're hoping these 8 guidelines can help you cut that list down so that you really have the most essential attendees at your event. Nothing is worse than blowing the budget!